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Cool Shirt Blower Kit - (backorder)

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The Cool Shirt Air Blower System provides fresh air to the drivers helmet while in the race car. The Cool Shirt Fresh Air Blower System provides HEPA-4 filtered, blower-enhanced air from the car's outside intake via air hose to the driver's helmet through an in-line blower. The system is run by a high-performance 235 cubic foot per minute blower. The Air Blower system is ideal for applications that do not have room for a full cooling system. Only a Naca duct is required if your feed comes from a window.
Included in kit is:
- Either 135 or 235 CFM Blower w/ blue custom filter housing
- 4ft x 1 1/2" diameter heavy duty clean air hose to go to your helmet
- 3ft x 3" diameter heavy duty clean intake air hose to supply the blower
- Silicone helmet connector for air hose
- Metal screen for air filter
- HEPA 4 micron air filter
- Filter housing for the blower
Price: (NZD) $449.00 (Each)

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We are available for in-store pickup at Cain Park Unit K/27B Cain Road, Penrose, Auckland 1642