Helmets and Neck Braces

Chicane Racewear stocks a large range of helmets certified for motorsport use from karting to club level to Formula 1. Open face helmets with built in communication systems for rally use to carbon fibre ultra lightweight full face helmets. Choose the helmet for your needs from leading manufacturers such as Arai and HJC.We have a great range of helmets to suit all budgets.GT10 for entry level, GT12 Auto racing helmets with Box helmets for club sport level.

Head and Neck Safety
Chicane Racewear offer a range of products which protect the neck from whiplash in the event of a crash, reducing the risk of injury.
HANS (head and neck support) devices offer the highest level of protection and are recognised by the FIA.
We stock a range of HANS devices and associated spares as well as the NecksGen neck support collars suitable for club level racing.

Ogio Helmet Bag Stealth

Ogio Helmet Bag Stealth - Click for larger image

Price: (NZD)  $89.95
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